William Leonard Gates
2nd February 1934 – 2nd January 2019

Leo 5th King of Redonda in the Leeward Isles 1989 – 2019

It is, with great sadness Queen Josephine, and the family, announce the death of Leo 5th King of Redonda in the Leeward Isles, William Leonard Gates, on the 2nd January 2019 age 84years. The Redondan Foundation Flag was hoisted at half-mast in respect.

King Leo had just commenced the thirtieth year of his reign after a long illness bravely born. The funeral, a celebration of his life, took place on the 28th January 2019. A large gathering of family and friends attended including members of the Redondan Foundation, others represented the many organisations he became associated with in his lifetime. The blue, white and gold flag of the Redondan Foundation was designed as a floral tribute.

The eulogy, read by his son Prince William and daughter Princess Jessica, recorded his life as an eloquent speaker, and academic historical research involvement with so many organisations. A tribute, at the service, was rung on handbells ringing a Plain Course of Plain Bob Major. Those attending departed with an organ rendering of ‘The Redonda National Hymn’, played and recorded by a member of the Redondan Foundation.

King Leo will be sorely missed by those who gained so much from his intellectual ability to encompass all. A gentle man and a true gentleman.

The Future of the Realm of Redonda

Let it be known to all, that the legal holder of the Incorporeal Property Documents Title is now Queen Josephine de Redonda, assisted by Prince William and Princess Jessica, as instructed by King Leo.

Floreat Redonda.