Aspects of the Realm of Redonda
1. "Delusions of Grandeur"

The Royal Archives of the Realm, passed on to successive Kings since the time of King Felipe, contain fascinating evidence of various aspects of the Realm, as it has developed over the years. One file in particular, labelled “Delusions of Grandeur”, deals with those impostors who have, for various reasons, claimed to be “Kings” of Redonda.

Since the genuine Title of King has long been proved to be legally valid, and has never been challenged, such “claims” are not only totally false, but reveal curious aspects of the personalities of the “claimants”.

One “claimasuchnt” is Max Leggett of Toronto. The poet T.I.F. Armstrong, better known as John Gawsworth, succeeded M.P. Shiel as King in 1947. Our archives reveal that Gawsworth lived for a few months under the same roof as Leggett’s parents, in 1950. Max Leggett is under the impression that his very recent “claim” to be “King” rests on a verbal promise supposedly made by Gawsworth to Leggett’s parents in 1950 (before Max was born), that the new child would become the next King of Redonda (if it was a boy!). Mr Leggett, when challenged, rudely declined to produce any documentary evidence to support his “claim” – simply because he has none. Furthermore, his “Home Page” entry, laying his “claim” before the world, bears a remarkable resemblance to the first part of the entry on Redonda in the current “Caribbean Islands Handbook”. This entry was supplied to the Editor, Sarah Cameron, by the present King of Redonda, but has since been supplemented by inaccurate detail from another impostor (see below). So thanks a lot, Max – who is fooling whom? See for yourselves!


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Another “claimant” is Mr Jon Wynne-Tyson of Sussex, UK. His story begins in 1970, when he was appointed Joint Literary Executor (with the now late Dr Fletcher of Reading University) by Gawsworth, in his Will. Under pressure from Mr Arthur Reynolds Morse of Ohio, the biographer of Shiel, he was persuaded to claim to be King of Redonda, ten years after Gawsworth’s death, (and thirteen years after the Title had been passed, quite legally, to John Roberts). Thus in 1980 the world heard the poignant story of how Gawsworth asked him to be King, on his “deathbed” in hospital. In 1984, Mr Wynne- Tyson, in writing to the present King, admitted that the last time he saw Gawsworth (on the day before his fatal operation) he had forgotten all about Redonda, and “it was not even mentioned”. Yet Mr Wynne-Tyson not only continued to claim to be Gawsworth’s successor, but insisted on alterations to the entry in the Caribbean Islands Handbook (mentioned above) and has since announced that he has passed his “Title” on to a mysterious “King X”, who also becomes the new Literary Executor! Furthermore, he is apparently responsible for a highly mischievous conversation with Mr Robert Williamson last year in Antigua. As a result, Mr Williamson has bobbed up as the impostor “King Robert the Bald”, and has had the gross impertinence to set his “claim” on the Internet, thereby causing unnecessary annoyance to the present true King of Redonda, his loyal Members in many parts of the world, and to the Government of Antigua, as well as gratuitously insulting the present King from a distance of three thousand miles. Mon Dieu! Quelle situation! Do have a look!

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The Redondan Foundation has always invited other claimants to substantiate their position, but they invariably lack documentary evidence to back up their “claims” to what is, in fact, a proven, valid Title. Whilst we realise that “Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery”, it is clear that the imitators also suffer from “Delusions of Grandeur”. Professor Fogg’s statement on the validity of the Title, expressed in his Open Letter of 1982 has never been challenged, and his open invitation to genuine claimants to come forward has never been accepted.