The following information is in reply to a guest book entry posted on the 25 September 2000 by Jordi Font-Agustí (Barcelona (Spain)).

Original GuestBook Entry

Mr William Leonard Gates: Senyor: Después de buscar, encontrar y leer atentamente las páginas y documentos de su web, creo que he de pedirle que reconozca a Javier Marías como Rey de Redonda. Usted enseña muchos documentos, pero nunca muestra el documento que acredita que John Roberts es el legítimo heredero del título. ¿Porqué no lo reproduce en su página? En cualquier caso, mientras usted se limita a ostentar el título de rey, Javier Marías está creando todo mundo literario de altísima calidad entorno a él. Más allá de sus propias obras (especialmente Negra espalda el tiempo, que marca el camino a seguir por la novela del siglo XXI), ha iniciado un trabajo de rey competente y generoso publicando en español la obra de MP Shiel. Temas legales a parte (que no están nada claros), si he de escoger entre la pompa y la creación literaria, no tengo duda alguna: Viva Javier Marías, rey de Redonda! Sire: After reading your web I decided to ask you to recognise Javier Marías as a King of Redonda. I consider that you don’t show enough evidences (why don’t reproduce you the document transferring the kingdom to John Roberts?) Meanwhile you are just making a show of the title of King, Javier Marías has created a literary universe with Redonda. He wrote the magnificent Negra espalda del tiempo (a novel that indicates the way for novels in the XXI century) and now is working as a responsible and good king translating to Spanish the novels by MP Shiel. Glory to Javier Marías, King of Redonda! Jordi Font-Agustí Escritor / Writer

King Leo has sent the following reply to Jordi Font-Agusti

From: The Redondan Foundation
Date: 28 September 2000 12:45

Dear Sir, Thank you for your entry on our Kingdom of Redonda website. You say you have read it, but it seems that you have not understood it. You appear to confuse Javier Marias' role as Literary Executor (for the Estates of M.P.Shiel and T.I.F.Armstrong, passed on to him by the previous Executor, Mr. Wynne-Tyson) with the entirely separate legal entity known as the Kingdom of Redonda (of which I am the sole and current owner). Why is that?

As it happens, I recognise Javier Marias as a distinguished author and academic, with a world-wide reputation and appeal. and I applaud his appointment as Literary Executor. An excellent choice. At that time, I wrote to him, pledging my Kingdom's support in his role as Literary Executor (as I am bound to do, by my Deed of Office), and have since published articles in our Kingdom's Newsletter, drawing Members' attention to his books, as well as including him in my last Honours List.

It follows that I cannot possibly recognise him as "King of Redonda", simply because he has no legal or other claim to the Title I possess, and of which I am guardian for posterity. You appear to be challenging me to produce further evidence of proof for myself; may I suggest that you first approach Javier Marias for his own "proofs"? I also beg leave to draw your attention to the fact that Javier Marias has no need to call himself "King", to bring M.P.Shiel's works to the attention of the public, in Spain or anywhere else. Anyone will tell you that he already has total authority to do that, by virtue of his office as Literary Executor.

I consider your remarks that "I don't show enough evidence" and that I am "making a show of the title of King" to be not only untrue but also insulting, as my loyal and keen Members all over the world would agree. The key legal documents I possess, of considerable monetary value, are held at my lawyer's offices for security reasons, and to avoid any misuse. Javier Marias has already been offered access to see them, either personally or by his accredited representative, if he still doubts the truth. To date he has not responded to this open-hearted and generous offer. Why is that?

I suggest that you try to consider the facts of this matter, rather than offer opinions. As M.P.Shiel said (at least twice), "Opinions have no value." In other words, I regret to inform you that Javier Marias has been grievously misled in this matter by his predecessor, Mr. Wynne-Tyson. I have ample proofs,( going back at least thirty years, in my Royal Archives, which I alone inherited from my predecessor John Roberts, when he abdicated in my favour in 1989.)of Mr Wynne-Tyson's intransigence and its sad consequences. As a result, a highly-renowned literary genius, with respected international academic connections and a high public profile, has become embroiled in a matter of deception amounting to fraud. I suggest you should investigate for yourself the Spanish truth behind my remarks, before the entire matter of Javier Marias' impostorship becomes even more widely known. If you think so much of him (and rightly so) it is the least you can do. I have done, and am doing, all I can in this matter, but Javier Marias and his agents and publishers appear to be taking no notice. Why is that? I trust sincerely that I have said nothing untrue or unfair above: indeed I seek the opposites. I shall look forward to a positive reply, with great interest.

In all truth, Sincerely, Leo, 5th King of Santa Maria la Redonda, in the West Indies.