University of Queensland
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN RIGHTFUL TITLE TO THE KINGDOM OF REDONDA I understand that there are currently in existence several misapprehended and false claims to the throne of Redonda. I have been asked to give such details of the rightful succession and title to the Kingdom as are within my direct knowledge. Annexed to this letter is a true copy of a Deed of Irrevocable Covenant dated 20th October 1966. By this Deed Juan I, King of Redonda (otherwise known as Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong or John Gawsworth) abdicated his title in favour of Arthur John Roberts (then otherwise known as the Grand Duke of Hardwick de Redonda). The Deed goes on to confirm Arthur John Roberts as King of the Realm of Redonda with the title of King Juan II. I drew up this Deed of Irrevocable Covenant on the explicit oral instructions of King Juan I. The original deed is held by King Juan II and is firmly signed and initialled by King Juan I and liberally attested by witnesses. I have no doubt that King Juan II is the only true King of Redonda, and will so hold the title until his death or until he designates the succession. In this connection I draw attention to the following:- The passing of royal title to King Juan I by King Felipe was accomplished by much more informal writings: vide letters and statements of 1st October 1936 and 17th February 1947 held by King Juan II. To my knowledge this succession has never been queried. At the time of delivering his instructions to me for the drafting of the Deed of Irrevocable Covenant, King Juan I had for some time pursued a deliberate policy of abstinence and, in my opinion, was in full possession of his faculties. I have no reason to doubt that these advantages persisted on 20th October, 1966, when the Deed was signed. So far as I am aware the Deed of Irrevocable Covenant represents the most solemn, deliberate and binding recognition to the title to the Realm of Redonda which exists. If other claimants have written evidence of title which is superior in detail and conviction they should immediately produce it or withdraw their Claims. Even if such written evidence is produced, there remains the difficulty of demonstrating that a monarch who has voluntarily abdicated in favour of a specified successor has anything further of validity to bestow.