Spanish Spoof

Spanish Spoof

April 2000

Mr Bob Williamson of Antigua has stated on his "website" that Mr. Wynne-Tyson encouraged him to "claim" the Title of King of Redonda, to prevent it passing to a "rich Spaniard" (Javier Marias of Madrid, who happens to be a well-known, respected and celebrated author). In consequence, Mr. Williamson now calls himself "King Robert the Bald".

However, in 1997, Mr Wynne-Tyson passed on his Literary Executorships to this same Javier Marias, and, apparently gave him the impression that the Title of King of Redonda was included with them.

Javier Marias has accordingly described himself as "King Xavier I of Redonda" in one of his books. Since the Title is, in law, Intellectual Property, owned by somebody else, this represents a serious breach of copyright.

One can only conclude that Mr Wynne-Tyson has, therefore, grossly misled Javier Marias in this matter (doubly so, because he has been advised many times that he possesses no legal rights in the Title at all). May one also conclude that Javier Marias, a respected, renowned and highly successful author and academic, has become, unwittingly, the latest Member of The Impostor's Club of Redonda ?

The following letters have been sent to the publishing company concerned; to date, neither has been acknowledged, nor answered. We await clarification with interest.