Realm of Redonda

Celebrating Two Decades as King of Redonda

Our Flag of Redonda was hoisted on 26th October 2009, celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of William L Gates as Leo, fifth King of Redonda. To mark this occasion King Leo and Queen Josephine had visited, earlier in the year, the Leeward Isles in the Caribbean. Having flown to Barbados, they joined the ship “Spirit of Adventure”, on the cruise entitled “In the Wake of Great Explorers”.

They visited the islands of Dominica, St Barthelemy, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, before sailing to Nevis and catching their first glimpse of Redonda. King Leo duly signed the visitors book on Nevis at Hamilton House Museum, before stopping at the Nelson Museum. This tour round the different islands gave an insight into the lives of local people. King Leo then spent an hour viewing Redonda, as he cruised from Nevis to Antigua, and gained a further overhead sighting of the guano-covered island of Redonda, when taking a helicopter trip over Montserrat.

His Majesty then returned to England, crossing the Atlantic by ship, (a journey previously encountered by the young MP Shiel in the 19th century), before flying home from Tenerife. Since twice having postponed the visit, this was a truly memorable trip to the Caribbean for King Leo and Queen Josephine. Floreat Redonda!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Impostor Kings of Redonda Revealed

John Wynne-Tyson admits to being an impostor!!

On 22nd May 2007, BBC Radio 4 at 11.00am broadcast the programme,

“Redonda: the island with too many Kings”. It was compiled by Roger Dobson, and purported to explore the theory that there were currently nine potential monarchs of Redonda.

King Leo was invited to take part, but unfortunately had to withdraw the day before the interview, due to ill health. A member of the Realm kindly offered his professional services, but these were declined in favour of a voice-over from a previous filmed recording of His Majesty for a BBC 1 programme, “Inside Out” East, transmitted on 30th September 2002.

In the course of the programme, Mr Wynne-Tyson finally admitted to the media that John Gawsworth (King Juan I), did indeed pass the Title Deeds of the Kingship on to John Roberts, (who took the Title of King Juan II). Also he was introduced as Literary Executor for Gawsworth, but chose not to mention that the post was held jointly with Dr Iain Fletcher. However, the descent of the Title of Kingship was endorsed by Professor A Freeman, an original member of John Gawsworth’s court, who affirmed that the present holder of the Title, King Leo, owned all the relevant documents of the succession. (These papers, which date back to MP Shiel, and are in the hands of King Leo’s solicitors, have never been challenged.) This uncomfortable fact, which was undisputed, left Javier Marias and Bob Williamson, to talk their way through the programme, both having supposedly inherited the Kingship from John Wynne-Tyson. A recording of this programme has been placed in the Royal Redondan Archives.


“Realm of Redonda” – A Definitive History of the Island Kingdom of Santa Maria la Redonda in the West Indies.


Henry Hutchison

A copy of this publication, compiled in 2004, has been deposited at the British Library.

Friday, 22 January 2010